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(313) Choices

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(313 Choices)

Screenwriter: C J Valle

Directed By: Tyler Clifton, Brock Lewandowski, Sarah Matthews, Sam Rector, Austin Schuld and Keenan Wetzel

Produced By: Carly Belsito, Anna Dood, Stuart Heinlein, Lauren Lahrman, Brock Lewandowski, Sarah Matthews and Andrea Raby

From the minds of our great state’s next generation of aspiring filmmakers, “(313) Choices” is a contemporary human drama of interwoven stories set in and around Detroit (aka “The 313”). A landmark collaboration between Michigan State University’s Theatre Department and Media Sandbox, the first MSU-produced feature film started as an original student play, and was adapted for the screen with the talents of over 100 passionate and enthusiastic students serving as actors, directors, composers, cinematographers, art directors, and more.


Wed, Jul 29 12:00 PM at the Old Town Playhouse


(313) Choices Official Trailer