The Department of Theatre Student Advisory Board for Diversity & Inclusion supports and promotes the ideals formed by the MSU Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives that states:

At Michigan State University, we believe our differences are assets. We foster a community that respects and values a broad range of backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences and encourages and creates opportunities so all Spartans can reach their full potential educationally and professionally.


A Welcome Letter from the Student Advisory Board for Diversity & Inclusion

As we venture into a new school year with a new style of learning, it’s essential that we continue to have conversations about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Alongside those conversations, we, as allies and supporters of people of color, must implement plans of action. We must work diligently to ensure that the diverse communities that we have cultivated within the Department of Theatre have a voice and physical representation in all aspects of production and promotion.

It is vital that we practice what we preach when the voices we are preaching for are silenced every day. The goal is to empower and positively impact. When faced with challenges or confrontation regarding diversity, it should be our instinct to listen to those affected and learn from our mistakes regardless of intention. There is no reasonable explanation strong enough to excuse one’s mistakes. The most effective way to move forward is to recognize those mistakes, correct them effectively, and continue to learn. With the constant battles that people of color face daily, it is not our job to teach, but instead to help guide.

To all the diverse scholars within, we want to assure you all that your voices are heard. You are seen. You are wanted. We are working hard to foster an environment where you are well-represented and thoroughly nurtured. We wish you all a successful and healthy school year. Go Green!

If you are interested in joining this board, please email one of the student representatives below for more information.

Board Members

Tia Spicer (she/he/they), a BA Theatre major, is dedicated to their position as a member of the Student Advisory Board of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Tia hopes to use their voice to ensure that the Department of Theatre listens to diverse perspectives and upholds its values of equity and inclusion. Email:

Shelby Ginsburg

QueenMakeeda Taylor