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Fall 2019 Cast Lists

Pasant Theatre

First rehearsal: Aug 29, 2019

Performance: Sept 20-22, 2019

Dr. Jo Corsac: AEA ROLE

Lev/Hunter: AEA ROLE

Dr. Fox: Naomi Blansit

Dilon: Kayla Katona

Kaylah: Heather Mahoney

Dr. Gooch: Alex Cousins

Nurse Roslyn: Carly Wilson

Nurse Vee Hickle: Kaitlin Copenhaver

Annabelle: Isabella Stenz



Christopher Michael (*Understudy Lev)

Oliver Lyman

Quentin Nottage

Kevin Mazur (*Understudy Hunter)

Jillian Schupbach (*Understudy Dr. Jo)

Hailey Ericksen

Chloe Brandt

Abby Byrne

Sam Carter

Joie Britton Raymond

* Understudies for ImaGen are non-performing / emergency only but will be used in the first week of learning music and work closely with the AEA actors)

Pasant Theatre

First rehearsal: Aug 29, 2019

Opening: Oct 11, 2019

Henry Clerval: Marshall Ross

Victor Frankenstein: Cameron Michael Chase

De Lacey: Cassie Verral

Professor Waldman: Mack Marshall

Creature: Abbie Cathcart

Agatha: Abigail Nash

Elizabeth: Darah Donaher

Professor Krempe: Zack DeBranbander

Mary Walliser: Leah Bauer

Felix: Matthew Kowalcyzk

Grace: Rosie Rufe

Drunken Man, First Gravedigger, Ensemble: Eric Balamucki

Drunken Woman, Second Gravedigger, Ensemble: Michala Peltz

Mother, Kitchen Servant, Ensemble: Samantha Campbell

Earnest, Ensemble: Cole Dzubak

Victor’s Father, Police, Ensemble: Marko Stanojevic

Understudies: Felix: Vaughn Hayes Agatha: Taylor Mueller


Arena Theatre

First rehearsal: Sept 16, 2019

Opens: Nov 8, 2019















Curio/Officer CHRIS HEEDER

Valentine/Officer JASON DERNAY

Sailor 1/Priest CASE DEKONING

Sailor 2/Officer ALEK DOERR

Sailor 3/Officer BRANDON DRAP

Williamston Theatre

Rehearsals begin week of Dec 30, 2019

Performance: Jan 30-Mar 1, 2020

Darah Donaher as Kelsey

Heather Mahoney as J.

Rehearsals begin week of March 2, 2020

Performance: Mar 26-Apr 26, 2020

Anna Ryzenga

Rehearsals begin Jun 15, 2020

Performance: Jul 9-Aug 9, 2020

Gab Mack Blamy as Louanne

Faculty Initiatives

Art Lab – Broad Museum

(This is a faculty initiative so students may choose whether or not to participate – this will conflict with Haunted Aud)

First meeting: Week of Sept 26, 2019 Followup meeting: Week of Oct 3, 2019 Tech Week: Oct 24, 2019

Installation and Dress: Oct 28 – Nov 4, 2019 Performance: Nov 11-Dec 4 (4 performances TBD)

Harley Harris

Jala Jackson

Paige King

Maeyson Menzel

A Winter’s Tale

A workshop production, directed by Deric McNish. Location, dates, and specific casting TBD. This is a faculty initiative so students may choose whether or not to participate.

Wesley Harris

Sydney Schneider

Heidi Kownia

Katie McArthur

Lilly Niehaus

Sarah Davis

Jayna Carden

Jacqueline Lee

Zaria Aikens

Gab Mack

Rehearsal schedules are formalized for the year, with the exception of ImaGen – Dr. Fox and faculty initiatives.

Monday: 6:15-10pm

Tuesday: 6:15-10pm

Wednesday: 6:15-10pm

Thursday: 6:15-10pm

Friday: 6:15-10pm

Saturday: No rehearsal (until spacing and performance)

Sunday: No rehearsal (until spacing and performance)


Please note that future department opportunities will be available soon. Second Stage opportunities will be announced in the fall.

Williamston EMC opportunities are provided below for BFA actors and SMsto achieve the AEA EMC status. Please note that you are https://www.actorsequity.org/join/emc/

Teach day
September 28
1st Preview October 3
Opening October 11
Closing November 2

A Christmas Carol: Radio Show
November 21 through December 22
1st Rehearsal October 29
1st Preview November 21 Opening November 29
Closing December 22

900 Miles to International Falls
January 30 through March 1 2020
1st Rehearsal December 30
Tech January 25
1st Preview January 30
Opening Feb 7
Closing March 1

These Mortal Hosts
March 26 through April 27
1st Rehearsal March 3
Tech Day March 21
1st preview March 26
Opening April 3
Closing April 26

May 21-June 21
1st rehearsal April 28
Tech Day May 16
1st Preview May 21
Opening May 29
Closing June 21



Be Here Now
July 9- August 9
1st Rehearsal June 16
1st Preview July 9
Opening Night July 17
Closing August 9

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