Dear Actors, 
We thank you for your flexibility during our first digital auditions. We seek your input regarding this process as well. Spartan actors, we hope you will find the Second Stage and other opportunities to assist you in presenting your work.

With your safety as our top priority, we are planning to hold our productions in person this Fall. However, we are beholden to the guidelines and regulations set forth by Governor Whitmer and President Stanley. We will keep you updated if we have to make any adjustments or changes to the production schedule. Thank you for your understanding during these uncertain times.

ĭmáGen Medusa
Book, Music & Lyrics by
Wes Braver and Rachel Dean
Director TBD
September 25-27 | Pasant Theatre
First Rehearsal: September 8, 2020
Opening: September 25, 2020


Medusa: AEA Actor
Perseus: AEA Actor
Euryale: Joie Raymond
Athena: Darah Donaher
Steno: Claire Wilcher
Tireseus: Cameron Michael Chase
Poseidon: Marshall Ross
Eritha: Madison LeMieux
Karpathia: Isa Rodriguez
Belos: Justin Harmon (non-performing U/S Perseus)
Antiochus: Chaseton Cain
Archon: Griffin Hoover


Daniel DJ Isabella
Kamryn Sarratt (non-performing U/S Medusa)
Kamya Harrison
Emily Herman
Lane Straub
Kelley Whitehouse
Alison Strom
Rachel Vos
Sydney Schneider
Morgan Lynch
Maya Joyce
Mary Claire Zauel 

Marian, or The True Tale of Robin Hood
By Adam Szymkowicz
Directed by Alexis Black
October 16 –  25 | Pasant Theatre
First Rehearsal: September 3, 2020
Opening: October 16, 2020

Marian/Robin – Jayna Carden
Much – Nate Davis
Little John – Marko Stanojevic
Alanna – Hailey Marie Eriksen
Will Scarlett – Wesley Harris
Lady Shirley – SteFannie Savoy
Sheriff – Chris Heeder
Prince John – Eloy Gomez
Tommy – Cole Dzubak
Friar Tuck – Alex Cousins
Guard 1 – Josh Sowers
Guard 2 – Mark Zum Mallen
Sir Theo – Cassie Verral
Sir Lenny- Matthew Kowalczyk
Tanner Sisters – Abbey Nash and Heidi Kowynia
Lucy – Abbie Cathcart

Mack Marshall
Sarah Wietecha
Matthieu Weisner
Tim Hackbarth

UNDERSTUDIES (with two performances):
Tommy:  Josh Auten Jr 
Tanner Sister:  Kaitlin Copenhaver 

By Naomi Izuka
Directed by Dionne O’Dell
November 13 – 22 | Arena Theatre
First Rehearsal: September 28, 2020
Opening: November 13, 2020

Anon–  Tino Gilmore (male, a teenage refugee)
Nemasani–  Zaria Aikens (female, Anon’s mother; also called Penny)
Mr. Yuri Mackus–  Kevin Craig (male, manager of the sewing factory)
Naja– Taelor Burrell (female, a girl who is also a goddess/spirit of the earth)
Pascal– Jay Gooden (male, a refugee from West Africa)
Mr. Zyclo– Quentin Nottage (male, a butcher)
Calista/Nice American Family daughter/Mr. Zyclo’s Pet Bird- Sophie Psakis (female, a rich girl)
Senator Laius/Nice American Family man-  Zack DeBrabander (male, a war hero)
Helen Laius/Nice American Family Woman- Kayla Katona (female, the senator’s beautiful wife)
Ali–  Ryan Adolf (male, a restaurant owner)
Ritu–  Sharon Combs (female, a chef, mother of Nasreen, wife of Ali)
Nasreen–  Leslie Ann Miller (female, daughter or Ali & Ritu)
Ignacio–  Vaughn Hayes (male, Belen’s father)
Belen–  Ayleen Perez (female, a refugee)
Strygal– Jason Dernay (male, a truck driver)
Serza–  Gab Mac (female, a bartender)

Chorus of Refugees/Sewing Ladies-
Naomi Blansit
Samantha Campbell
Jamie Lien
Shelby Romatz
Anna Ryzenga
Brooke Scherer
Emily Towns

Chorus of Refugees/Shadows-
Jason Dernay
Alex Kristopher Doerr
Jackson Manning

Calista/Nice American Family daughter/Mr. Zyclos’s Pet Bird – Lilly Neihaus

Helen Laius/Nice American Family Woman – Jacqueline Lee


Rehearsal schedules are formalized for the year. Please know that rehearsals might adjust within this schedule, but you will rehearse:

Mondays: 6:15-10pm 
Tuesdays: 6:15-10pm
Wednesdays: 6:15-10pm 
Thursdays: 6:15-10pm
Fridays: 6:15-10pm 
Saturdays: NO REHEARSAL (Until Tech and Performances)
Sundays: NO REHEARSAL (Until Tech and Performances)

Please note that future department opportunities will be available soon. 
Second Stage opportunities will be announced soon. 


All conflicts MUST be listed on your Audition Form.
No conflicts will be accepted after casting.


All of this information and more is located in Google Drive. Just Click the Google Drive button below! Remember that the Google folder is live and will continue to be updated with new as we progress.

If you have questions at any time, please contact Production Manager Laura Scales.