Announcing our 11th annual new musical theatre Workshop program

A unique educational collaboration between MSU Department of Theatre in the College of Arts and Letters and the Institute for Arts & Creativity at Wharton Center

We are seeking new musicals for a developmental workshop residency at Michigan State University. The chosen musical will select a creative team according to the needs of the show and may include AEA actors, a director, and others. Alongside the professional creative team established for your show, the rest of the cast will be supported by MSU students. The focus of the New Musical Laboratory is to educate our students while developing your show and foster industry relationships. 

ALL SUBMISSIONS DUE December 15th, 2023

Past Productions

Rocky Mountain High

Book & Lyrics: Kia Kofron and Cooper Kofron

Composers: Mark Hollman and Drew Gasparini

Director: Marc Acito

Music Direction: Dave Wendelberger
Guest Actor: Simon Pearl

In Emily's Words

Book & Music & Lyrics: Jessy Tomsko

Director: Susanna Wolk

Music Direction: Keiji Ishiguri
Guest Actor: Jonathan Christopher

Guest Stage Management: Rebecca MacCreery



Book & Music & Lyrics: Selda Sahin and Derek Gregor

Director & Co-Conceiver: Autum Reeser

Music Production: Chris Gilroy
Percussion: Mark Lietz
Guest Actor: Gabe Violett

Guest Stage Management: Jovon Schuck

Medusa imaGen


Book & Music & Lyrics: Rachel Dean and Wes Braver

Directed: Mayte Natalio

Supervising Director: Chloe Treat
Musical Direction: Ian Leroy
Guest Stage Management: Paige Conway
Guest Actors: Alexia Sielo & Julian Diaz-Granados

Dramaturgy: Shayla Gordon & Nora Alami


Dr. Fox and the Impossible Cure for Death

Book & Music: Benedict Braxton-Smith
Book & Lyrics: Megan Peterson

Directed: Timothy Koch
Musical Direction: Sinai Tabak
Guest Stage Management: Paige Conway
Guest Actors: Ben Roseberry and Susan O’dea


One Good Day

Book & Music: Liz Suggs
Book & Lyrics: Rona Siddiqui

Directed: Kate Wetherhead
Musical Direction: Brad Gardner
Guest Stage Management: Nan Luchini
Guest Actors: Jessica Fontana and Blake Whyte


We Foxes

Book, Lyrics & Music: Ryan Scott Oliver

Directed: Marshall Pailett
Dramaturgy: Matthew Schneider
Guest Stage Management: Paige Conway
Guest Actors: Katie Thompson & Wade McCollum



Book & Lyrics: Sylvia Peto
Music: Norman Durkee
Additional Music: Constantine Kitsopoulus

Direction: Gabriel Barre
Associate Direction: Jennifer Paulson-Lee
Guest Stage Management: Paige Conway
Guest Actors: Zillah Glory and Antonia Kitsopoulus


For Tonight

Book: Whitney Rhodes, Shenelle Williams, and Spencer Williams
Music & Lyrics: Shenelle Williams

Direction & Choreography: Joe Barros
Guest Stage Management: Paige Conway
Guest Actors: Hannah Elles and Adam Theodore Barry