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Second Stage Productions

Playwriting Festival

Second Stage Productions is a student-run production group committed to creating opportunities for student works to be performed. From film festivals to original theater works, they create shows that showcase the talents and ideas of MSU students. Students can check out news about the upcoming opportunities on Facebook, Twitter and Insta @secondstagemsu. 


The show features some amazing works by Michigan State University’s very own aspiring playwrights, complimented by the talents of our MSU actors. Be prepared to laugh, gasp, and shed a few tears. 

This is the second Second Stage playwriting festival and students are so excited to share the amazing talents of their fellow students during this challenging time. Our show features three wonderful short plays, “Hoplo”, “Season’s Greetings”, and “Fading Away.”


by Cole Dzubak

Directed by Sam Campbell

Hope: Brooke Scherer
Dr. Morgan: Abby Grantham
Dad: Henry Clise
Protestor 1: Ben Barber
Protestor 2: Mark Zum Mallen

“Hoplo” is a play centered around a teenage girl in therapy after surviving a recent active school shooting. It’s the story of a young girl, Hope, healing after these traumatic events and it shows the effects it had on her family and community. Through the support of her father and therapist Hope prepares to go back to school soon but suffers with PTSD and feels she isn’t a “normal” kid anymore. Pressures from her friends being back at school and her own self-doubts begin to build up on her. Though many are supportive, Hope is faced with protestors yelling at her every time she enters and exits her appointments, making it difficult for her to feel safe. 


by Mary Claire Zauel

Directed by Mary Claire Zauel

Jamie Herman: Brooke Scherer
Andy Bettage: Ben Barber
Clark: Henry Clise
Mom: SteFannie Savoy
Dad: Mark Zum Mallen
Angela Herman: Abby Grantham

When Jamie brings her boyfriend home for Christmas Eve, the Herman family expects a holiday filled with laughter and good cheer. But when unexpected circumstances arise, the family must attempt to settle the drama over dinner. A comedy that’ll keep you guessing, “Season’s Greetings” proves that when it comes to family, there are no secrets.


by Sam Campbell

Directed by Sam Campbell

Woman: SteFannie Savoy
Man: Ben Barber

“Fading Away” is a play about second chances at life and love and the strength it takes to get back up after being beaten down. It is centered around two characters, a man and a woman. They are two complete strangers who meet at the perfect time and through conversation both help each other to carry on. The play takes on the topic of losing a loved one unexpectedly and how people wish they had a warning. The characters talk on how to avoid these circumstances and how to move on through what they have experienced in their lives.

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