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Lisa Kron


LisaKronLG.jpgGuest Playwright of Well (2008)

The Department of Theatre welcomed Lansing Native Lisa Kron to the Arena Theatre on Thursday, October 2, 2008. Ms. Kron discussed her work as playwright, performance artist and actress.

Lisa Kron is a writer and performer of pieces that inhabit the gray area between theater and performance art. Her plays create a conversation with an audience that is simultaneously a conversation happening in real time and a carefully constructed theatrical event. Her work is constructed of juxtaposed anecdotes which at first seem random but ultimately create a cohesive picture which sends the audience back into the world with a slightly altered set of perceptions. Though her plays are based on autobiographical material, the effect is universal. The work resonates with questions, desires and fears that lead the viewer into their own journey. Each piece is a framework into which the audience can imagine themselves.