Admission to the Bachelor of Fine Arts

Michigan State University’s Department of Theatre offers BFA degrees in Acting, Design, Stage Management. On this page you will find information about how to audition/interview for the BFA in Acting, how to audition/interview for the Minor in Musical Theatre, and how to interview for the BFA in Design. For admission to the BFA in Stage Management, contact Tina Newhauser.At the auditions and interviews, you will be considered for specific scholarships and entrance to the BFA program. In order to receive a scholarship you must have been accepted to MSU by the date outlined on your scholarship notification.

BFA Acting Audition Procedures

Auditions for the 2023-2024 academic year will be held on February 4 and February 25, 2023. These auditions are open to incoming freshmen, transfer students, and current MSU students.

Your audition gives us the opportunity to evaluate your work and to determine if you would be compatible with our program. Michigan State University’s Department of Theatre looks for students that display potential for a professional acting career in theatre, film, television, and other media. We seek students that are enterprising, self-driven, innovative, imaginative, talented, and prepared to shape the future of this profession. Unlike traditional acting programs, our “School of Choice” approach creates graduates that possess a versatile skill set with multiple pathways to achievement and fulfillment.

Admission to the BFA Acting program is competitive and by audition only. Students not selected please apply as early as possible to Michigan State University.

Audition Requirements

  1. Prepare two contrasting memorized monologues (no longer than 3 minutes combined total). Both must be from a contemporary (post-1960) play. “Contrasting” can mean two distinct styles, such as comedic and dramatic, or two distinct types of characters. We recommend selecting monologues that aren’t too far removed from your age, type, and experience.
  2. Bring a photo and résumé that highlights any related training you may have had, performance experience, leadership or volunteer experience, and special skills.
  3. In addition to the monologues, there will also be an informal interview and a 45-minute group workshop. Please dress to move and bring a change of clothes for your monologues.

What to Expect

This is also your opportunity to audition us. Since you’ll be here, we invite you to tour our facilities, meet our faculty, chat with current students, and get all your questions answered. When you click the link to sign up, you’ll see a more detailed schedule of events. Please leave time to explore all that we have to offer.

Please contact Ryan Welsh with questions.


Video Auditions

We strongly encourage in-person auditions. In the event that you have an immovable conflict or that you live more than 200 miles from campus, we will accept a video audition. A video audition will include a slate (introduction with name and location), and two monologues (same requirements as above). E-mail Ryan Welsh your audition, along with a photo, resume, and answers to the following question: Why do you want a BFA in Acting and why have you chosen this particular program? This is due no later than February 1, 2023.

BFA Theatre Design Application Procedures

The Department of Theatre design faculty are looking for students who display potential in Theatrical Design.

Zoom Video Auditions for the 2023-2024 academic year will be held TBD. These auditions are open to incoming freshmen, transfer students, and current MSU students.

Applicants for the BFA in Theatre Design will present a portfolio in an interview session. If you have previous theatre design experience, you will want to include sample designs from these projects – sketches, drafting, renderings, light plot/hook-up, and photos of finished scenery, costumes, lighting, makeup, construction, props or scene painting.

Your portfolio may include examples of freehand drawing, sketches of still life objects, the human figure, animals, portraiture, painting, sculpture, architecture, print, poster and sign design, as well as computer graphic work. Class projects and photos of production work are also encouraged for submission.

Feel free to choose a format or a mix of formats that is convenient for you – digital files, photos, sketchbooks, scrapbooks, color photocopies, or slides.

Minor in Musical Theatre Audition 2023

For those interested in the Minor in Musical Theatre , IN PERSON auditions will be held this year on February 4 and February 25, 2023 at the MSU Auditorium Building, 3rd Floor, Room 305.  542 Auditorium Rd. East Lansing, MI

Auditions will take place between 10am and 3pm on both days.  If you are also auditioning for the BFA in Acting for Stage, Screen and New Media, please indicate on your Google form found below.  Since the Musical Theatre and BFA Acting auditions are happening at the same time, please make sure you do not “double book” yourself in the same time slot.  Give yourself ample time to be present at both auditions.

Any prospective full-time undergraduate student is eligible to audition for the program.  This includes incoming 1st years, interested High School Seniors, Current MSU Students and Transfer Students.

The official sign up page for auditions will be open soon!  Stay tuned.

The audition will consist of:

  1. Please prepare TWO contrasting, 32-bar cuts from musicals that best show off your voice and range.
  2. Please prepare a monologue no longer than one minute.
  3. You should bring appropriate and marked sheet music in the proper key, with sheet protectors and in a binder

If you cannot make an in-person audition, please upload your audition at any time before the scheduled auditions to the following FLIP page: 

All material you upload will only be viewable by Musical Theatre Faculty.


For more information about the program and its curricular requirements, visit: Minor in Musical Theatre Program

If you have questions about the audition for the Minor in Musical Theatre Program, contact Brad Willcuts.

Contact Info

Program Director for the BFA in Acting: Ryan Welsh

Program Director for the BFA in Design: Shannon Schweitzer

Program Director for the Minor in Musical Theatre : Brad Willcuts

Program Director for the BFA in Stage Management: Tina Newhauser

Program Director for the BA in Theatre: Ann Folino White

Frequently Asked Questions

All incoming students as well as current freshman may audition. Transfer students and upperclassmen are also eligible for admittance on a case by case basis.
The BFA is designed to assist the Theatre student in a more concentrated and focused study of Theatre. Courses will build sequentially allowing for the student to follow a guided track to graduation. The BFA is a sixty (60) credit program which has many of the same University and College of Arts and Letters requirements. Two exceptions are that the BFA student is not required to take foreign language courses or complete a college cognate.
With a few exceptions, most courses are open to the Bachelor of Arts students. Students not selected may audition again in the Spring of the next year.
Transfer students may attend these auditions/interview, or they can audition/interview immediately prior to the start of classes in fall semester. Contact our theatre advisor, Amy Lampe to assist in the transition.
It is possible to graduate with another major and the BFA, but it will take careful planning, and may mean extra time at school.
This program is designed for the serious and devoted Theatre major. It is expected that the BFA student would become an integral part of the department either by auditioning for shows or assisting in the design, build, or construction process.
A BFA implies more specific training in your area of choice.
Being on the BFA track does not guarantee a role in any production.
Although at the time of auditions you will be given a tour of the department, we also welcome you to schedule a tour with the Department of Theatre to meet with faculty and current students, observe classes, or see a production for free. Once you experience firsthand the supportive and challenging work done in the classroom or onstage, we have no doubt that you will want to be part of the MSU Theatre family!