Dance Minors Showcase Experiential Learning

The Minor in Dance offered by the Michigan State University Department of Theatre provides a unique opportunity for students to study dance and its practical applications. Depending on the course cycle, topics may include Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Musical Theatre Styles, Afro-Brazilian, and more. Each spring, students are given the opportunity to choreograph and perform in a showcase.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, performances were recorded in various locations. Student producers Sam Carter, Nadia Tyson, and Sloan Lemberg then worked to put the dances online for all the enjoy.

According to Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre and Choreography Brad Willcuts, the minor consists of technique-based courses designed to provide a wide variety of skills in conjunction with practical leadership within the discipline. “It serves to prepare students for careers that are directly related to dance while affording opportunities to expand creative, collaborative and interpersonal communication skills that prove useful on and off the dance floor, across all career fields.”

Scroll down for links to all nine performances. For more information about the Dance Minor, click here.