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Student Advisory Board for Diversity & Inclusion

The Department of Theatre Student Advisory Board for Diversity & Inclusion supports and promotes the ideals formed by the MSU Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives that states:

At Michigan State University, we believe our differences are assets. We foster a community that respects and values a broad range of backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences and encourages and creates opportunities so all Spartans can reach their full potential educationally and professionally.


Meet our Board members:

David Bauer III

David Bauer III HeadshotAs we journey through college, we are encouraged to find "our voice." We look through our pasts, we peer into our futures, and we think about the present in order to discover this voice. As everyone works to find their voice, I seek to listen. Whether your voice is strong and ready to take on the world, or trembling as you face great obstacles, I hope that through this board of peers you can further discover yourself and see how your one sound adds so much to the music of life.


Briana Beeman

Briana Beeman HeadshotBriana Beeman is a junior BA major in the Department of Theatre with a minor in Women's & Gender Studies. She is committed to creating socially-engaged theatre, and as a future educator, she cares deeply about inclusivity in the classroom. She appreciates the opportunity to further extend her allyship toward her diverse group of peers and continue to advocate for a positive, equitable learning environment in which every artist, technician, and scholar of theatre can prosper.


Jala Jackson

Jala Jackson HeadshotJala Jackson is a senior BFA Acting major at Michigan State University. Growing up in the urban areas of Detroit, MI, it is her mission to create a more accepting and equal space for Black actors and actresses within the department. Breaking down borders and dismissing stereotypes, Jala aims to show the world that Black actresses can be more than just the "sassy Black girl" character type.


Hongwen Lu

Hongwen Lu HeadshotHongwen Lu is a senior majoring in Theatre (Acting). Her preferred pronouns are she/her/hers. As an international student with Asian background, she is committed to make sure there is more inclusion and diversity for international students. Also, she wants to help everyone feel heard and included. Additionally, she hopes to introduce more Asian literature and plays to theatre department.


Camille Thomas

Camille Thomas HeadshotCamille is a senior double majoring in Theatre (Acting) and Arts & Humanities her preferred pronouns are she/her/hers and she is a proud inter sectional feminist. Camille is working has a passion for social justice and performance art. Currently she is working on devising and original piece with East Lansing High school to be performed in February at their multicultural show case. She cannot wait to work with the rest of the members of the board to make this department a more inclusive space for all people!