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Why study Theatre at MSU?

You get the Spartan experience at a Big Ten University in combination with a personalized experience in a department collaborating with a faculty of working professionals who care about your growth.

FAQ_image.jpgWhat sets your program apart from the others?

For undergraduates, MSU offers an amazing amount of freedom to allow the student to choose his or her education. MSU is “The School of Choice” where you can shape your future by shaping your education.

What kind of acting program do you have?

MSU actors are known for their versatility. We have several classes in film acting and a summer program in Los Angeles. Classes devoted to classical acting, stage combat, stand up comedy, auditioning, devised theatre and much more. The choice is yours.

What kind of design program do you have?

The undergraduate design program offers students classes in all areas of design including digital and media design, scenery, costumes, sound, lighting and more. Students are in small classes and work closely with faculty. Undergraduate designers also regularly design mainstage shows.

What sort of network can MSU offer graduating students?

Graduating actors in the BFA are given the opportunity to perform at showcases in New York City and Los Angeles in combination with alumni and networking events. Graduating designers are given the opportunity to present their work at professional conferences. All students have access to a wide range of internships at some of the best theatres across the country.

Dance_Scene_McNish.jpgDoes MSU have a musical theatre program? 

Yes, MSU has a new musical theatre immersion program specifically dedicated to the development of new musicals connecting students with the next generation of musical theatre writers.

Can I study musical theatre and film acting? OR design and acting?

Yes, it is the school of choice.

I am interested in all areas of theatre. Is MSU the place for me?

Yes, the Bachelor of Arts is a general degree in theatre.

I have an interest in stage management and arts management, does MSU have classes for me?

Our stage managers have an excellent track record and gain lots of experience while at MSU. The new arts management minor has an internship component connecting you with professionals.

I am interested in speaking with current MSU students, can you connect me with theatre students about coming to MSU?

Yes. Email: theatre@msu.edu and let us know!

Take a look at the opportunities page for more information.


Undergraduate Admission

Undergraduate admissions and enrollment is handled by the Office of Admissions and Scholarship.

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Graduate Admission

Graduate admissions are handled by the Graduate School.
MFA Production Design and Acting candidates are accepted through an audition and interview process with the department.
Do NOT apply to the Graduate School until you have spoken to an MSU Department of Theatre Representative

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Undergraduate Studies

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