Zach English

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Zach English

Degree/Year: Theatre, 2012
Employer name: Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment
Position/Title: Associate Project Coordinator
City/State: Orlando, Florida

Zach English in front of a Disney castle

As an Associate Project Coordinator for Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment, our department designs and produces costumes, puppets, entertainment technologies and character experiences for the Disney theme parks, resorts and cruise ships around the world. In my role, I support a team of costume designers, technical directors and production managers with logistics and project planning. I wear many hats, including research, communication, meeting facilitation and presentation design. 

Communication and organization skills I developed through my stage management experience at MSU are used daily … with Walt Disney Imagineering.

MSU provided me so many opportunities both in and out of class to gain practical knowledge and work experience. As early as freshman year, I was adding credits to my resume by stage managing the Freshman Showcase and Summer Circle Theatre, while learning the ins and outs of working in a professional theater environment. The communication and organization skills I developed through my stage management experience at MSU are used daily in my current job with Walt Disney Imagineering. The electives I was able to take, such as arts administration and advertising, helped me build a well-rounded knowledge base that has been an integral part of my success in the entertainment industry.

Use your time as a student to gain as much experience as you can and put as much on your resume as possible. Your college years are your chance to take risks and make mistakes. So many of the opportunities available during college (workshops, seminars, on-campus employment, clubs, etc.) won’t be as easily available or as affordable once you’ve graduated.