The Development Committee is responsible for obtaining donations and grants from businesses and granting organizations in support of SCT and Theatre Department Activities. Joan Mattson, Committee Chair

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting and retaining members of the FOT-MSU and for organizing the annual meeting of the FOT-MSU. Its duties include coordinating membership activities, and other related activities with the Department of Theatre. Sam M. Austin, Committee Chair

The Nominating Committee, comprised of at least three members of the Board, including the President Elect as Chair, shall prepare a slate of candidates for officers and a slate for Board Members at large and present them to the Board for approval at its May meeting. This approval constitutes election of Board Members. Jacqueline Babcock, Committee Chair

The Publicity Committee is responsible for informing the public of FOT-MSU activities and programs, and coordinating FOT-MSU website information, notices of FOT-MSU events, and other related activities with the Department of Theatre. Dugald McMillan, Co-Committee Chair

The Events Committee should plan and carry out a program of events for the membership with the joint goal of serving FOT-MSU members and fund raising. Bob Andrews, Committee Chair

Ad Hoc Committees

Trips Committee identifies, plans and executes trips around Michigan and other cities to see professional theatre productions for FOT members, the community, and MSU theatre students. Carol Bryson and Mary Austin (Committee Co-Chairs), Sandy Bryson, Scott McMillan and Jane Vieth

Gala Committee is charged to organize a Gala, for the purposes of publicizing the SCT and to raise funds for its support.

Office/Volunteer Committee assists the Department of Theatre and FOT with mailings and provides support for special event activities such as the annual Gala and for Summer Circle Theatre. Carol Bryson (Committee Chair), Mary Austin, Jacqie Babcock, Linda Cassiday, Joanne Creede, Chris Knapp, Joan Mattson and Gwen Wyatt

Friend of the Year takes nominations, reviews and presents to the board a non-board member who has given extraordinary service to Friends of Theatre at MSU over the years. Typically the individual is acknowledged at spring gala in May and the name is added to plaque with previous awardees. Jane Vieth, Committee Chair