Precious Winners All

(Shakespeare Shooketh Up!)

Directed By Foster Johns

Devised by the Storefront Company

APRIL 4 - 8


(in the basement of the Auditorium Building)


Tuesday, April 4 at 7:30 pm
Wednesday, April 5 at 7:30pm
Thursday, April 6 at 7:30 pm
Friday, April 7 at 8:00 pm
Saturday, April 8 at 8:00 pm


This Spring Storefront will be presenting an evening of William Shakespeare’s texts woven into a unique experience that features Will’s words, devised moments, and improvisation.  Take a break, come to Studio 60, and share an hour of heightened language, hilarity and heart!

Assistant Director
Sydney St. Amour

Stage Manager
Cora Large

Intimacy Direction
Katie Clemons*

Fight Choreography
Alexis Black

Co-Fight Choreography/Captain
Henry J

Voice Support
Oscar Quiroz*

Text Coach
Kim Martin*

Anthony Montelone
Kaya Wilske


Ebony Battle
Joie Culligan
Christopher Eastland*
Tim Hackbarth
Henry J
Maya Joyce
Tessa Kresch
David Meagher
Sam Smelser

*Denotes Master of Fine Arts Candidate


Tickets will be available at the door, Credit/Debit Card only
Tickets are $10
Free admission for MSU students


During the performance, please turn off cell phones, mobile devices, alarm watches and anything that makes noise.
The video and/or audio recording of this performance by any means are strictly prohibited.


1 hour 15 minutes, no intermisson


Possibility of Strong Language


Fun-eth Facts about Shakespeare

  1. Shakespeare wore a gold earring on his left ear.
  2. Shakespeare’s family had their own coat of arms.
  3. Shakespeare cursed his own grave with an inscription claiming that ill fortune will befall anyone who touches his bones.
  4. Of the 37 official Shakespeare plays, only two of them were written completely in verse: Richard II and King John.
  5. Only one painting of Shakespeare is thought to have been from when he was alive.
  6. In his will, Shakespeare left his wife the ‘second best bed’ and sheets.
  7. Shakespeare’s name was spelled more than 80 unique ways during his life, and no one knows which spelling is correct.
  8. Graverobbers stole Shakespeare’s skull.
  9. The world’s oldest Shakespeare society is in Germany, not England, under the name of Unser Shakespeare (Our Shakespeare).

–Anthony Monteleone & Kaya Wilske


Andrew Seng
Tina Newhauser
Renee Kinsler
Dave Wendelberger
Daniel Smith


Department of Theatre Chairperson
Stephen Di Benedetto
Department of Theatre Production Manager
Abbie Tykocki
Storefront Faculty Liaison
Alexis Black
Office Operations
Brian deVries
Fiscal Officer
Sara Allison


EBONY BATTLE (Ensemble) Kalamazoo,Mi; Junior, BFA Acting. Ebony previously appeared at MSU in Corktown. She would like to Thank her amazing parents for their unconditional love and support in all she does.  

JOIE CULLIGAN (Ensemble) Hermosa Beach, CA; Junior BFA Acting with minors in Dance, Musical Theatre, and Entrepreneurship. Past favorite productions at MSU include For The Love Of (Diaz De Los Muertos/Dance Captain), Abandon All Hope…(Olivia/Eve), Head Over Heels (Ensemble/Asso. Dance Captain), and Julius Caesar (Lucious). She is beyond ecstatic to be part of this “fantastical” show and would like to thank her Cast, SM, and Director for being so slay throughout this process! @joieculligan 

CHRISTOPHER EASTLAND (Ensemble) Whitney, TX; Second-year MFA Acting Candidate. MSU Theatre: In Emily’s Words (Mr. Earnshaw), Hit the Wall (Cop), The Whirligig (Mr. Cormany), & A Contemporary…Marriage ©1959 (Narrator). Summer Circle Theatre: Pippin (Charlemagne), Distracted (Dad), & The One-Act Play That Goes Wrong (Robert). Other favs: WASP (Son) & The Drunken City (Eddie). Thanks to his wife, pups, and cohort clowns.

TIMOTHY HACKBARTH (Ensemble) Midland, MI; Senior, BFA Acting. Timothy is excited to take the stage one last time at MSU. His previous credits here include The Glass Menagerie (Tom) and Wendy and the Neckbeards. (Chad) He would like to thank his family for their unending support, his friends for always being in his corner, and MSU for all the great memories. 

HENRY J (Ensemble) Brighton, MI; Junior BFA Acting with a minor in Arts & Cultural Management. Henry has been seen as Mother in the previous Storefront, A Hatful of Rain. Although he was not able to be on stage for his roles of Guerchy, de Sade, and Drunk, for Monsieur D’Eon Is A Woman, he is excited to return to a more fanciful (and lighthearted!) production. Aside from the intense shows, he is also excited to be in the touring show of What If Wilhelmina (Dumptruck, Alien). He would like to thank his wonderful parents and lovely girlfriend who push and support him in all he does. 

MAYA JOYCE (Ensemble) Montclair, NJ; BA Theatre and BS Astrophysics, Math Minor. Maya previously appeared at MSU in For the Love of, Particle, Julius Caesar, and Medusa. Other MSU credits: Wendy and the Neckbeards (Dramaturg) and The Winter’s Tale (Media Designer). They are excited to perform at MSU for the last time, and would like to thank their family and friends for everything they have done to support them! 

TESSA GOLDEN KRESCH (Ensemble) Farmington Hills, MI & San Juan, PR; Junior, BFA Acting & Broadcast Journalism Majors with a Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Her favorite MSU performances include For The Love Of (Lizzie Lightning) and Monsieur d’Eon is a Woman (Empress Elizabeth & Macaroni Brother). She works as a podcast producer and host at the Impact 89FM Radio Station and is the lead singer of an indie/folk band, Game Under. She wants to thank everyone who supports her in her passions. 

CORA LARGE (Stage Manager) Novi, MI; Junior BFA Stage Management with a focus in Acting, and minors in Arts & Cultural Management and Japanese. Past favorite productions at MSU are The Glass Menagerie (SM), Mealworms (Script Supervisor), Abandon All Hope…(SM), and What If Wilhelmina (ASM, violinist, actor). She is super excited to be a part of this new, exciting production, and would like to thank her family and boyfriend for their never-ending support.

DAVID MEAGHER (Ensemble) Milford, MI; Sophomore BFA Acting with a BM in Music Education. Some of their favorite past productions at MSU include The Rocky Horror Show (Phantom) and MSU Unscripted (Ensemble). They would like to thank their family and friends for staying by their side and offering endless amounts of support, as well as this amazing cast and creative team, all of whom are precious. 🙂   

SAM SMELSER (Ensemble) Williamston, MI; Sophomore, BFA acting, this is Sam’s first show with msu DOT and she is beyond excited she would like to thank her teachers for helping her get to where she is today her mother, brother and friends for always supporting her and this amazing cast and crew for make this so fun!

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