Conversations with CAL – Innovations in Modern Choreography Intimacy for the Stage

Intimacy Directors and Coordinators (IDC) is an organization that pioneers the best practices for performed intimacy, simulated sex, and nudity for theatre, live performance, TV, and film. The IDC team is comprised of professionals who were critical to the creation of the fields of Intimacy Direction for Theatre, TV, and Film, creating what are now the accepted standards across the industry.

Assistant Professor of Theatre Alexis Black is one of about 30 professionals around the world who are certified Intimacy Directors for the stage with the IDC. This presentation by Black includes a brief history outlining the creation of the movement of intimacy direction and its foundation in “The Pillars” – five elements used to create compelling physical storytelling within intimate scenes for the theatre while maintaining the physical and psychological safety of all involved. The presentation also takes a look at how performers might create a “map” for a moment of staged intimacy.