Theatre Students Create Original Content for Online Presence

Department of Theatre students enrolled in THR 304: Auditioning this semester were given an assignment to create original content to enhance their online presence as actors. Sarah Hendrickson, Instructor of Improvisation and Acting, says the course is designed to best prepare students for a professional theatre career by experiencing various types of audition situations, career options, and professional aspects of the field.

“As an actor, creating an online brand is an important tool for success,” Hendrickson said. “Actors must become an entrepreneur of their craft. They are salespeople and their product is themselves, so they cannot be afraid to stand out. Actors that invest time and energy into creating an online brand separate themselves from the pack. A willingness to be vulnerable and open with their talents can be an important step toward achieving career success.”

The completed pieces include a wide range of content from musical parody, personal video essay, sketch comedy, podcasting, knife-forging, game mastering, and Broadway showtunes; showcasing the variety of performing artists who make up the Department of Theatre student body. Scroll below to video a small sample.

Marko Stanojevich’s parody of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Moment 4 Life’

Jayna Carden’s Sketch Comedy

Tevy Hambric’s Personal Video Essay

Kevin Mazur sings Miscast Broadway Love Songs