Audio Drama Fully Produced by MSU Students

Impact 89FM proudly presents its first Audio Drama podcast series, Mortem Corp. This anthology series audio drama was fully written, produced, performed, and sound designed by MSU Department of Theatre students! This Friday, April 14th at 5 pm, Episode 1 of Mortem Corp will be available on all podcast streaming services.

BFA Acting & Broadcast Journalism student, Tessa Golden Kresch has worked with the Impact 89FM Radio Station to create their first Audio Drama podcast series, Mortem Corp. She collaborated with students from Professor Rob Roznowski’s Script Development class as well as the Department of Theatre acting students to create an immersive audio drama series that brings you into the world of Mortem Corp.

Each episode unveils a new story that took place within the Mortem Corporations. Mortem Corp is a monopolistic experimental research lab that has been discovered to have questionable morals. Episode 1, Olli, written by Brooke Cousins and Taylor Nitz, is set in 1984 and follows a 12-year-old boy, Sean, navigating the Mortem Corporations on “bring your kid to work day.”

BFA Acting students Zach Deande, Henry J, Joie Culligan, and Bobby Conlan bring this story to life with their amazing voice-acting talent. Tessa Kresch, with the help of her mentor, Lucas Nunn, sound-designed this episode to bring the audience into the world of Mortem Corp.

Director, Producer, and Sound Designer: Tessa Kresch
Writers: Taylor Nitz and Brooke Cousins
Olli: Zach Deande
Sean: Bobby Conlan
Michael: Henry J
Nancy: Joie Culligan
Special thanks to Lucas Nunn, Rob Roznowski, Libby Lussenhop, Jeremy Whiting, and the Impact 89FM team

The episode is available now at this link.