What Makes A Miracle Small Crop

What Makes A Miracle

Second Stage Playwriting Festival

Ben Barber
Sam Campbell
Em Haley
Andie Nash
QueenMakeeda Taylor
Mark Zum Mallen

Sam Carter
Cole Dzubak
Vaughn Haynes
SteFannie Savoy


7 One-Act Plays writing by Michigan State University students exploring the theme of “What Makes A Miracle.” 

The plays will be performed, filmed, and edited into one video which will be available for free to the General Public in Spring of 2021. 

Second Stage Productions is a student-run production group committed to creating opportunities for student works to be performed. Follow via Instagram @ssplaywriting

How To Watch - Check back for the premiere in May 2021!


Written by Em Haley

Directed by Cole Hunter Dzubak
Julia Isoniemi as Dr. Knite
SteFannie Savoy as Spy #1
Alexander Cousins as Spy #2

Faced with Dr. Knite as their biggest obstacle, two spies “sneak” their way into a secret lab to uncover exactly what the doctor is up to.


Written by Cole Hunter Dzubak

Directed by Sam Cahalan Carter
Mark Zum Mallen as Isaac
Bennett Barber as Death
Hailey Eriksen as Amy
Sydney St. Amour as Dr. Tyler

After an anniversary that goes wrong, Isaac is forced to bargain with death in order to get back to his wife.


Written by Hailey Eriksen

Directed by Vaughn Xavier Haynes
Hailey Eriksen as Rylie
Cole Hunter Dzubak as Will

After an awkward hour of not doing homework, two (more than) friends discover exactly how they feel about each other.



Written by Bennett Barber

Directed by Vaughn Xavier Haynes
Alexander Cousins as Gene
Sam Campbell as Jenn
Sydney Jo Schneider as Faye
Mark Zum Mallen as Junior

A family of genies try to stay together as their bond is challenged by changing times.


Written by Sam Campbell

Directed by Sam Cahalan Carter
Sydney Jo Schneider as Amber
Hailey Eriksen as Nicole
Tessa Kresch as Liz

After three years of not speaking, a mother attempts to rekindle a broken relationship with her daughter by admitting she was wrong in the past.


Written by Andie Nash

Directed by Bennett Barber
Sam Campbell as God
Julia Isoniemi as Jess
SteFannie Savoy as Angelica, Female ensemble 
Cole Hunter Dzubak as Young Boy, Male ensemble

After a near death experience, Jess is given the chance by god to find their true love through an unusual method. 


Written by QueenMakeeda Taylor

Directed by SteFannie Savoy
Mark Zum Mallen as Darren
Sydney St. Amour as Tuesday
Sydney Jo Schneider as Lisa
Bennett Barber as Ensemble 

Tuesday and her mother, Lisa, must learn to reflect and cope with their grief after losing an important member of their family.