Listen. (& Vote)

Original plays written, performed, and recorded by MSU students



LISTEN. (&VOTE) is a series of original recorded performances, written and performed by MSU students that examine how generational lenses can color a conversation. Actors have created a series of original vignettes discussing the social issues that are currently impacting college students. Each student actor will take on the roles of two people from different generations, discussing the social issues that are currently impacting college students. From the pandemic, to Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, gun violence, the economy, and moreLISTEN. (&VOTE) will serve as a calltoaction to empower college students to vote and make a difference in the 2020 election.

Creative Team

Actors, directors, editors, and writers:

Naomi Blansit
Kaitlin Copenhaver
Alex Cousins
Jay Gooden
Alek Kristopher
Leslie Miller
Lilly Niehaus
Quentin Nottage
Sophia Psiakis
Ayleen Perez
Rachel Vos
Mark Zum Mallen

Assistant Director

Vaughn Hayes

Stage Manager

Collin Schy


Mona Jahani

Faculty Advisor

Rob Roznowski