Support for Conference and Research Travel

The Department of Theatre provides matching funding for graduate student travel. Please fill out the THR Graduate Travel Support Application and submit this along with the Graduate School Travel Funding Application referenced below to the Department of Theatre Graduate Program Director.

The College of Arts & Letters provides up to $350 per graduate student per year toward expenses of travel to conferences: Graduate Resources. The MSU Graduate School provides travel funding limited to $600 over the course of a student’s graduate student career; Graduate School Travel Funding Application (International Travel Funding Guidelines are included in this document).

For a list of internationally focused funding opportunities for students see International Studies & Programs: Student Funding.

Here are several samples of the THR Graduate Travel Support Applications:

Research Enhancement Award

The MSU Graduate School has funds available to support activities that enhance graduate and graduate professional students’ research projects. These funds are provided by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies and administered by the Graduate School. Funds are available to support research activities including travel to participate in workshops, data collection, short courses, and extramural laboratory rotations. Under special circumstances, funding requests to purchase supplies/materials relevant to the student’s research will be considered. Research enhancement funding is only for graduate students enrolled in a degree program. Criteria for applying for research enhancement funding and the application are located at Research Enhancement Funding Application. Additionally, please also fill out the THR Graduate Travel Support Application and submit to the Department of Theatre Graduate Program Director.

Summer College Research Abroad Monies (SCRAM)

The College of Arts & Letters is offering fellowships up to $3,000 each intended for students in the latter stages of degree completion whose research requires significant use of facilities, sources, or resources abroad.

Support is for travel during the summer semester. Preference will be given to applications demonstrating that the research trip will accelerate degree completion and significantly add to the quality of the applicant’s composition, performance, creative activity, thesis, dissertation or document. For more information: see CAL Graduate Funding

Summer Support Fellowships

Funding is available for summer research, creative activity, and travel. A call for fellowships will come from the Office of the Department of Theatre Graduate Program Director in the spring of each year

Other Funding Sources

A compilation of resources for grant and financial aid seekers have been compiled by the Foundation Center.

More information about graduate funding (fellowships, assistantships, etc.) can be found at the Graduate School.