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Caleb & Nic

Sponsored by the Department of Theatre and Lauren J. Harris, Department of Psychology 
This performance is presented in conjunction with RCAH

Caleb Teicher and Nic Gareiss move and sound together at the intersection of jazz and folk, social and solo dance. Though lauded for their status within their respective genres, in this new 60-minute duo collaboration Teicher and Gareiss blur boundaries and playfully transgress, exploring improvisation, song, and the idea of percussive dance. Drawing on American tap dance, jazz, swing, lindy hop, Appalachian clogging, and Irish step dance, Caleb Teicher and Nic Gareiss create a breathtaking evening of dance rooted in time and place yet uniquely their own; a festive dialogue of sound, movement, and corporeal rapport. (Photo credit: Hillary Rees)

“Nic and I are kindred spirits — though we work in different cultural traditions, we have more similarities than differences. We bring out unique elements of each other’s work, and sharing the stage with him is pure joy.” – Caleb Teicher
“Caleb and I met at a weeklong retreat for percussive tap, clog, flatfoot, and step dancers. We knew swiftly that there was a deep rhythmic connection. We gave class to each other, danced in each other’s pieces, and improvised together. Responding to each other in these moments of extemporaneous rhythm-making, we realized there was an entire universe of possibility to explore, which later gave rise to our duo project. When we were making the show, we asked ourselves, “what if the goal, the objective, was to highlight a musical relationship through dance?” Whether singing, snapping, clapping, or stepping out rhythms together, the joy of this project is the pleasure of that rapport.” – Nic Gareiss

Friday, November 1, 2019 at 8:00pm 
Location: RCAH Theater
Terrace Level of Snyder Hall 362 Bogue Street
This event is FREE and open to the general public