Michigan State University
Michigan State University
Department of Theatre



A Joint Production with MSU Opera Theatre
by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein

The Fairchild Theatre
Thursday, November 18th - Sunday, November 21st

Carousel presented in cooperation with the MSU Opera Theatre


Production Team

Director: Melanie Helton
Raphael Jimenez
Laura Joella (11/21)
Choreography: Dr. Dixie Durr
Scene Design: Kirk Domer
Costume Design: Gretel Geist
Lighting Design: Robert Berls
Sound Design: Michael Mullins
Technical Direction: Robert Berls
Costume Shop Supervisor: Karen Kangas-Preston
Production Stage Manager: Jessica L. Cole
Assistant Director: Laura Nanes
Assistant Lighting Designer: Lauren A. Hill


Cast List

Nettie Fowler
Emily Austreng*
Kristi Hughes**
Mrs. Mullins Amy Handelman
Beauties of Europe

Corey Rivera
Meghan Vollbach
Kate Wallace
Jigger Craigin Jason Bales
Billy Bigelow Nathaniel Nose
Policeman I Sean Grier
Mr. Bascombe Roger Wingfield
Captain Christoper Austreng
Mr. Enoch Snow
Bryce Berry*
James Curtis**
Julie Jordan Shelagh Brown
Carrie Pipperidge
Brittin Radcliffe*
Kathleen McDonald**
Sailor Keith Gracia Wing
Arminy Stephanie Schiff
Doctor Harlan Jennings
Starkeeper/Heavenly Friend Sharriesse Hamilton
Louise Marlo dell'Antonio
Enoch Snow Jr. Mark Falconer
Miss Snow the elder Amy Cunningham
Miss Snow the younger Terressa Birchen
Show Children

Rachel Rosenthal
Julien Sly
Courtney Ware
* Performing November 18th and 20th
** Performing November 19th and 21st



Julie Jordan Meghan Grinczel
Billy Bigelow Noble Thomas



Christopher Austreng, Emily Bieber, Terressa Birchen, Bethany Dunford, Mark Falconer, John Gilmour, Darcy Graham, Sean Grier, Meghan Grinczel, John Klapko, Chadd Kortge, Daniel Kring, Leah Mills, Tim Paré, Corey Rivera, Stephanie Schiff, Thomas Sklut, Kirsten Snyder, Noble Thomas, Meghan Vollbach, Kate Wallace, Elizabeth Wharton, Keith Gracia Wing



Amy Cunningham, Jessica Dunn, Allison Kuszmaul, Caitlin Quattrone, Marta-Kate Scofield, Kaitlin Tang


Dance Understudies:

Becky Lukas, Kelly Clor