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3 In The Back, 2 in the Head
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Three in the Back, Two in the Head

by Jason Sherman

The Auditorium Arena Theatre
October 15 - 20, 2002

This play is about deception and lies and manipulation, of which our lives are over-full. It may not be a revelation, but it can be another warning - the price of freedom is eternal vigilance?

Production Team

Director: Frank C. Rutledge
Scene Design: Rob Berls
Costume Design: Emilie Berls
Lighting Design: Charles Krey
Technical Director: Rob Berls
Costume Shop Supervisor: Karen Kangas-Preston
Production Stage Manager: Jessica L. Cole
Assistant Director: Jessica L. Cole


Cast List

Paula Kelly Cavanagh
Doyle Sarah Reule
Sparrow Terrence Tatum
Jackson Jay R. Burns
Anna Lacy May Lauinger