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The Minor in Dance offers a unique opportunity for students to study dance and its practical applications. The minor consists of technique-based courses designed to provide a wide variety of skills in conjunction with practical leadership within the discipline. The Minor in Dance prepares students for careers that are directly related to dance while affording opportunities to expand creative, collaborative and interpersonal communication skills that will prove useful in many professional areas.

To complete the minor, students must complete 16 credit hours of courses in Dance. At least 12 unique credits counted towards the requirements for a student’s minor must not be used to fulfill the requirements for that student’s major.

This video was created by CLI Studios in L.A. using footage taken by Professor Brad Willcuts from his Contemporary Dance Class in IMC 34. CLI Studios developed their new streaming instruction class based on what they learned from our trial class of Spring '16. It can also be viewed on the CLI Studios website. http://www.clistudios.com/live-classes/


Complete 16 credits from the following courses:         

Required Courses (12 credits):
DAN 251 - Introduction to Dance (2 credits)
*DAN 351 - Dance Technique I (2-6 credits)
*DAN 352 - Dance Technique II (2-6 credits)
*DAN 451 - Dance Technique III (2-6 credits)
*DAN 452 - Dance Technique IV (2-6 credits)

*Indicates topics-based courses. Depending on the course cycle, topics my include: Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Musical Theatre Styles, Afro-Brazilian and more. Courses can be repeated. 

All of the following courses (4 credits):

DAN 300 - Dance Practicum  (1 credit)           
DAN 354 - Dance Choreography (3 credits)

Other movement-focused courses (especially in THR), including independent study as applicable, may be substituted as approved by the academic advisor. Please contact Brad Willcuts regarding past experience in dance technique specifically with regard to course overrides.          

For an appointment to set up the Minor in Theatre, please contact:
Amy Lampe
542 Auditorium Rd
Department of Theatre
East Lansing, MI 48824
(517) 355-6691 or lampeamy@msu.edu
To make an appointment, go to http://msu.campus.eab.com


Video created by Brad Willcuts, from the Contemporary Dance course of Spring 2016