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The minor in Arts and Cultural Management is a multidisciplinary program administered by the College of Arts and Letters and is available as an elective to students who are enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs at Michigan State University. It provides students a theoretical and practical training platform related to the management and advocacy of arts and cultural organizations, and/or the industry dimensions of an artistic and humanistic entrepreneurial career. Students will engage with promotion, leadership, budgeting and e-strategies through participation in coursework, experiential opportunities such as internships and volunteer positions, and other co-curricular activities that allow them to participate in critical analysis and production of arts and cultural management projects.

The minor will complement the students’ educational experiences through a 40-hour experiential learning opportunity in which students engage in professional practice with arts and cultural agencies and explore related management and workplace issues (e.g., advocacy, promoting, budgeting, leadership, e-strategies, collaboration).

Students interested in completing the requirements for the Minor in Arts and Cultural Management must consult with a Minor advisor, and may also wish to contact their academic advisor in their primary major for additional advice.

Degree Requirements

Complete 17 credits from the following courses:

All of the following courses (15 credits): 

AL 271 - Introduction to Arts and Cultural Management
AL 461 - Strategies of Arts and Cultural Management
AL 462 - Promoting in Arts and Cultural Management
AL 463 - Event Production and Planning for Arts and Culture
*AL 471 - Arts and Cultural Management Seminar

(*Students must complete Arts and Letters 271 and either AL 461, AL 462 or AL 463 before enrolling in this capstone experience.)

Complete a minimum of 2 credits from the following courses as approved by the minor advisor:

AL 485 Foundations of Museum Studies
AL 498 Learning in Museums
AL 492 Special Topics in Museum Studies
DAN 390 Special Topics in Dance
DAN 455 Dance Studies: Traditions
STA 110 Drawing I
STA 491 Selected Topics in Studio Art
STA 492 Senior Seminar and Professional Practice
STA 492A Exhibition Practicum
THR204/304/404 Special Topics in Acing/Directing
THR 316 Stage Management in Theatre
THR 390 Special Topics in Theatre
THR 492 Senior Seminar
THR 870 Collaborative Studio in Theatre
WRA 202 Introduction to Professional Writing
WRA 453 Grant and Proposal Writing
WRA 491 Special Topics
Other management-focused, arts and humanities courses, including independent study as applicable, as approved by the academic advisor.

For an appointment to set up the Minor in Arts and Cultural Management, please contact:

Dionne O'Dell
542 Auditorium Rd. #113
Department of Theatre
East Lansing, MI 48824
(517) 355-6691