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The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting is designed for students wishing to prepare for a professional career in acting. The BFA in Acting provides highly focused course work devoted to professional and practical skill development. Admission to the program is by audition and interview, which occurs during the spring semester of each academic year. 

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Program Highlights

  • The School of Choice: Select the courses you need to be the unique artist you want to be. Here’s a selection of what we offer:
    • 3 levels of Film Acting
    • Musical Theatre Performance
    • Classical Acting
    • Voiceovers
    • Stage Combat
    • Dialects
    • Auditioning and Professional Orientation
  • Professional Connections: Network and study with Broadway professionals, guests from the Stratford Festival, and industry talent from around the world.
  • Professional Performance Opportunities
    • Williamston Theatre: Earn your Equity Membership Candidacy through our professional theatre partner.
    • Summer Circle Theatre: We have been producing professional summer theatre for 59 years, creating paid summer opportunities for students.
  • Unique Performance Opportunities
    • MainStage Productions: We produce diverse works including classics, new plays and musicals, theatre for young audiences, immersive theatre, and outreach theatre. Unlike many peer programs, we create a guaranteed performance opportunity for first-semester freshmen in the annual Freshman Showcase
    • Second Stage: Perform or direct in our robust student season of plays and Improv Comedy. Design or perform in our wildly successful student event: Haunted Aud.
    • Fourth Wall Theatre Company: A theatre program for children with special needs.
    • Young Playwrights Festival: Get paid to direct or perform in this yearly summer event.
  • Cutting Edge Facilities
    • We work in six theatre of varying sizes and configurations, including the Wharton Center, a Broadway Touring House on campus.
    • Practice your skills in our film studio and audio booth.
  • The Enterprising Actor: In addition to careers in performance, our graduates have had entrepreneurial success, applying their skills in innovative ways.
  • Education Abroad and Study Away: We offer programs in London, New York, and LA.


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Degree Requirements

University Requirements

The University requirements for bachelor's degrees as described in the Undergraduate Education section of this catalog; 120 credits, including general elective credits, are required for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre. The University's Tier II writing requirement for the Theatre major is met by completing THR 431.

College Requirements

- At least 30 credits in courses at the 300 level and above.

- A student enrolled in the BFA in Theatre may earn a maximum of 70 credits in THR and DAN courses.

Department Requirements

Complete 60 credits from the following courses:
Theatre Core (26 Credits):

*A minimum grade-point of 2.00 in each course is required*

THR 101 - Acting I
THR 110 - Theatrical Play Analysis
THR 111 - Introduction to Technical Theatre
THR 111L - Introduction to Technical Theatre Laboratory
THR 300A - Theatre Practicum - Production Emphasis
THR 300C - Theatre Practicum - Area Emphasis
THR 331 - Studies in Contemporary Theatre
THR 341 - Beginning Play Directing
THR 431 - Studies in Theatre History
THR 492 - Senior Seminar (W)

*The completion of Theatre 492 satisfies the department's capstone course requirement.
One of the following courses  (3 credits):

*A minimum grade-point of 2.00 in each course is required*

THR 211 - Introduction to Lighting Design
THR 212 - Introduction to Costume Design
THR 214 - Introduction to Scene Design
THR 216 - Introduction to Sound Design
THR 219 - Introduction to Digital Design
Acting Concentration (31 Credits):

*A minimum grade-point of 2.00 in each course is required*

All of the following courses (10 credits):    
THR 201 - Acting II
THR 202 - Voice Studio I
THR 207 - Movement Studio I
THR 301 - Acting III
At least 21 credits from the following courses (21 credits):   
THR 204 - Topics in Acting/Directing I
THR 304 - Topics in Acting/Directing II
THR 401 - Acting V
THR 402 - Voice Studio II
THR 404 - Topics in Acting/Directing III
THR 407 - Movement Studio II
THR 413 - Stage Make-up
THR 441 - Advanced Play Directing
THR 491 - Practicum: Acting
THR 493 - Internship in Theatre

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