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fb4a623d0a75d445a5d70b5bc0658616_f1933.JPGThe Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre is designed for students wishing to gain experience in all areas of theatre and the broader cultural sector. The BA program is designed to develop skills needed to create and appreciate new work, to understand the history of theatre, and to help navigate professional lives in the arts. In addition, the program is designed to give the student a broad comprehension of theatre theory and practice in order to lay a foundation for advanced study in graduate school, the beginnings of a career in the profession, or application for numerous career paths in the arts industry.

Degree Requirements

University Requirements
The University requirements for bachelor's degrees as described in the Undergraduate Education section of this catalog; 120 credits, including general elective credits, are required for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre. The University's Tier II writing requirement for the Theatre major is met by completing THR 492. 

College Requirements
- Second year competency in a foreign language (successful completion of 202 or higher). 
- The completion of the Cognate Requirement
- At least 30 credits in courses at the 300 level and above. 
- A minimum grade–point average of 2.00 is required for all courses in the major that count toward the degree.
- A student earning a BA in Theatre may earn a maximum of 50 credits in THR and DAN courses.

Department Requirements
Complete 39 credits from the following courses: 

Theatre Core (26 Credits) 

THR 101 - Acting I

THR 110 - Theatrical Play Analysis

THR 111 - Introduction to Technical Theatre

THR 111L - Introduction to Technical Theatre Laboratory

THR 300A - Theatre Practicum - Production Emphasis 

THR 300C - Theatre Practicum - Area Emphasis

THR 331 - Studies in Contemporary Theatre

THR 341 - Beginning Play Directing

THR 431 - Studies in Theatre History

THR 492 - Senior Seminar (W)

The completion of Theatre 492 satisfies the department's capstone course requirement. 

One of the following pairs of courses (4 credits) 

THR 211 - Introduction to Lighting Design
THR 211L - Introduction to Lighting Design Laboratory


THR 212 - Introduction to Costume Design
THR 212L - Introduction to Costume Design Laboratory


THR 214 - Introduction to Scene Design
THR 214L - Introduction to Scene Design Laboratory


THR 216 - Introduction to Sound Design
THR 216L - Introduction to Sound Design Laboratory


THR 219 - Introduction to Digital Design
THR 219L - Introduction to Digital Design Laboratory

Theatre Electives (9 Credits)

Theatre electives: 9 additional credits in Theatre courses approved by the Department of Theatre.