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Theatre is best when it incites or excites. Plays and musicals that provoke action. That challenge complacency. That demand your attention. And that is just what we have chosen this year. Shows from various eras and genres that examine what makes someone rebel or challenge the established way things have always been done.

And that is what my colleagues are doing at Michigan State University by challenging the traditional in order to create something new, unique and fresh. From our one-of-a-kind self-selected undergraduate education (School of Choice) to our highly regarded artist/educator Master of Fine Arts program... we are doing things differently. With the most advanced stage technology (and now the newest, cutting-edge scene shop in the Big Ten!) we allow designers the opportunity to redefine conventional design. With focused-based theatre studies courses we challenge the traditional survey teaching model. With forward-thinking acting courses we embrace media in the classroom. To adventurous programs like ĭmáGEN with Wharton Center (that develops new innovative musicals), Theatre2Film, and 4th Wall Theatre with Autism Alliance of Michigan... we do things differently!

We celebrate the non-conformist, the new thinker, the rebel!