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In a time where debate may be equivalent to yelling; where respect can mean only similar points of view; where we all seem to only agree on disagreement: theatre must do what is was created to do – offer an outlet for DIVERGENT VOICES.

We in the MSU Department of Theatre offer opportunities to examine topics, characters and stories from differing perspectives. Our season offers a chance for debate about contrasting interpretations; respectful exploration of characters dissimilar to ourselves; productions that allow audiences to embrace disagreement related to theatrical experiences.

Our season is devoted to compelling stories with varying points of view from our own to illuminate our similarities and our differences — offering a platform for DIVERGENT VOICES. And that is what we do in the Department of Theatre — empower our students to think about a character from various vantage points, use technology to design and create new worlds and examine the past in order to understand the present and influence the future. We hope you can join us.