A graphic showing a cottage on a lake at dusk. Octopus tentacles hover above the lake and an open mouth with red lipstick is to the right


Written by


Directed by



Director: Ji Won Jeon
Playwright: Iraisa Ann Reilly
Scenic Design: Kessler Jones*
Puppetry Design: Kessler Jones*
Costume Design: Katherin “KAT” Poon
Sound Design: Brandon McDuff*
Lighting Design: Bunni Gutierrez
Props Artisan: Erin Riley
Co-Media Design: Alison Dobbins
Co-Media Design: Lauren Spiegel
Dramaturg: Daniel T. Smith
Intimacy Director: Alexis Black
Fight Captain: Kim Seabright Martin
Assistant Scenic Designer: Melina Rodriguez
Assistant Sound Designer: Ben Barber
Assistant Props Artisan: Julie Clampitt
Charge Artist: Hope X. Still
Assistant Charge Artist: Olivia Bath
Additional Voices: Michael Bolanos, Jazlyn Dingfelder, Mandy Michele Marsili


Katherine M. Clemons*: Athena
Christopher Eastland*: Peter
Mona Eldahshoury*: Francesca
Stefon Funderburke*: Promise
Ural Grant*: Andre
Kim Seabright Martin*: Shelby
Oscar Quiroz*: Fred
Jacob Theo Squire*: Sebastian
Cassidy Williams: Lead Stevie Puppeteer
Lexa Busch: Understudy Athena/Shelby/Stevie

*denotes Master of Fine Arts Candidate



Michigan State University Department of Theatre put out a call for emerging playwrights of the global majority to write a new play for our diverse cohort of Master of Fine Arts Acting and Design candidates. After over three hundred submissions, the students selected playwright Iraisa Ann Reilly to write a play specifically for them. Through a series of interviews and exercises, Reilly created a play full of humor, wonder, and… puppets. 

A person with long wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and wearing a white collared button-down shirt smiles against a white brick wall with windows in the background

Iraisa Ann Reilly (She/Ella) is a writer, performer, and educator who is half-Cuban, half-Irish, and whole New Jersey.
Select full-length plays include Good Cuban Girls (Teatro del Sol, at The Arden Theatre), The Jersey Devil is a Papi Chulo (Winner, Latinx New Play Festival at La Jolla Playhouse 2023, Sol Fest 2022, Yale Drama Series Shortlist 2022, Finalist Leah Ryan Prize, KCACTF) Saturday Mourning Cartoons (Winner, Bay Area Playwright’s Festival 2022, Arkansas New Play Festival 2023, Finalist Goldberg Playwriting Prize 2022, Semifinalist Blue Ink Award 2023, Semifinalist Premiere Stages).

Her work has been developed with Theatre Exile, The New Harmony Project, The Chain Theatre, The Workshop Theatre, ARTHouse INKubator, NYU Production Lab’s Development Studio and the Latinx Playwright’s Circle. Her play “House Bill 3979: Amendment #10: The Life and Works of Dr. Hector P. Garcia” was commissioned and produced by Texas A&M-University-Corpus Christi in 2022.

Iraisa Ann is currently under commission with the Arden Theatre Company in Philadelphia. She is a recipient of the 2023 Latinx Playwright’s Circle Mentorship, working with mentor Migdalia Cruz. Thanks to a Lucille Lortel Micro-commission, Iraisa Ann is currently writing and developing her one-woman show “January 6th: A Celebration,” to reclaim the date January 6th, a significant religious holiday in the Catholic Latine community.

As a screenwriter, her screenplay La Reina del Bronx won best screenplay at Fusion Film Festival and was a semifinalist for the Vail Screenwriting Competition. Iraisa Ann recently performed off-Broadway in Arlene Hutton’s According to the Chorus. She’s taught students of all ages and is an adjunct professor of Dramatic Writing at NYU.

MFA in Dramatic Writing, NYU, BA Theatre and English University of Notre Dame. iraisaannreilly.com


Just because you fit in does not mean you belong.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the sense of belonging comes right after one’s physiological and safety needs are met. It is indeed one of the most fundamental human desires. We all want to fit in and to belong. To achieve that, we often present slightly different versions of ourselves depending on the environment. We put on numerous social masks for school, work, home, and even online, all tweaked to fit different circumstances. Despite how hard we try to fit in, I’m sure we all share similar moments where we still feel like we don’t really belong.

Iraisa Ann Reilly’s new play Stevie and the Real World, however, offers an alternative path to belong for those who are unwilling or unable to mold themselves to fit in. They are therefore often perceived as “strange” and “weird.” Yet, Stevie relentlessly continues to search for their own way to connect and belong, not by changing who they are, but by choosing themselves. In doing so, Stevie encourages others to find their own light. In today’s climate where social conformity is highly encouraged, I find so much power and beauty in Stevie’s journey. As you experience the play, I invite all Stevie(s) in our world to find their courage to always choose themselves.

Ji Won Jeon


This is the not-so-true story of nine college students…picked to go to a lake house together… and have their weekend filmed… to find out what happens when people stop being polite…and start turning into puppets…

Inspired in part by MTV’s once-groundbreaking show The Real World and written specifically for the eight actors in our third-year MFA cohort, Iraisa Ann Reilly’s play raises questions about self-actualization, memory and perception, technological change, and dairy farming as the characters journey through space and time trying to re-open a portal to another dimension. Having variously left Boston, Paris, Los Angeles, and Kalamazoo to travel “up north” to a Michigan vacation home, they jog their memories in an effort to recapture their undergraduate experience from sixteen years earlier.

Their memories share some core elements, but the disparities highlight the importance of perception as each character remembers feeling left out or hurt, or in some cases making a particular connection. Peter and Sebastian express mutual enmity due to their competing romantic interest in Shelby. While Fran remembers Promise rejecting their familial relationship as siblings, Promise remembers being overshadowed and scolded by Fran. Andre recalls feeling like an outsider, but making a decision to befriend Athena because she respects him enough to try to communicate with him and learn his name. Shelby’s memory focuses on her own efforts to make Athena feel welcome, despite Athena’s recollection that everyone ignored her. Fred offers a more detached point of view, framing himself as a director exploring film noir style in contrast to the documentary style envisioned by Peter.     

Stevie, the ninth member of the group, is almost entirely left out of these memories. In the intervening years, others have become quite successful as an internationally renowned wedding planner, a filmmaker and television producer, two Michigan-based on-air television personalities, and two feuding ice cream entrepreneurs. Viewing Stevie as a loose end that threatens their ambitions, they return to the lake hoping to make amends or further conceal their past. Stevie revels in disrupting their comfortable lives, sending the others on a quest to reflect on beginnings and betrayals in their relationships with one another. As their perceptions change, all must seek reconciliation, or at least resolution.

Daniel T. Smith


Rob Roznowski, Karen Kangas-Preston, Our Generous Donors Whose Unrestricted Gifts Have Made This Commission Possible!, Brittany Brewer, Juliet Guzzetta, Lynn Lammers, Laura Lodewyck, Laura MacDonald, Deric McNish, Johanna Schuster-Craig


2 hours including a 15 minute intermission.



Stage Manager
Abagail Mullen
Assistant Stage Manager 
Jackson Cosme-Brooks 
Assistant Stage Manager
Kate Shaffer
Department of Theatre Chairperson
Stephen Di Benedetto 
Production Manager
Abbie Tykocki
Ji Won Jeon
Technical Director
DJ Selmeyer
Costume Shop Supervisor
Angie Wendelberger
Scene Shop Manager
Levi Galloway
Head Carpenter
Marc White
Fiscal Officer
Sara Allison
Office Operations
Kath Clark
Lead Electricians
Matty Peterson and Lauren Spiegel
Lighting Board Op  
Ebony Battle
Sound Board Op
Zhanna Yakubova
Media Board Op
Bobby Conlan
Deck Crew Head
Reese Martin
Fly Rail Crew Head
Preston Lyford
Costume Crew Head
Samantha Stanton
House Manager
Ariana Temple
Publicity Lead
Cayla Hadaway
Publicity Team
Ava Ballagh, Shelby Ginsburg, Anna Yarnal
Promotional Photography
Harley Cook
Production Photography
Raymond L. Black Photography
Costume Shop Employees and Students
Cailee Bywater, Evie Shadoff, Emily Rosolowoski, Ray Snively, Kat Poon
Scene Shop Employees and Students
Thalia Lara, Gaby Castillo, Kessler Jones, B Beethem, Erin Riley, Nicole Merchant, Christophe Straub, Kyle Konopaska, Julie Clampitt, Emma Jestila, Matthew Peterson, Marcus Pennington, and Mandy Marsili
Scenic Painters
Matty Peterson, Tyler Radze, Alex Spevetz, Zach Deande, Cayla Hadaway, Jhon Govaere, Connor Reilly, Renee Kinsler, Mandy Marsili, Kyle Angiolino, Reese Martin, Meghan Hill, Rose Babicz, Thalia Pearce, and Gaby Castillo
Deck Crew
Kyle Jedrusik, Noah Trapp, Camron Rost, Hailey Slutzky, Sophia Catella, Aryne Drews, Katelyn Kraemer, Gabe Budinger, Thomas Evansky, Alexander Adamski
Costume Crew
Caitlin Myers, Julie Clampitt, Brandon Dinh, Mara Vander Beek, Iris Widlansky, Jessica Pollok


Stage Management:  Tina M. Newhauser
Costume Design:  Karen Kangas-Preston
Scenic Design:  Ranae Selmeyer
Scenic Art:  Ranae Selmeyer
Sound Design:  Lucas Nunn
Lighting Design:  Shannon Schweitzer
Intimacy Direction: Alexis Black
House Management:  Abbie Tykocki
Publicity:  Abbie Tykocki


LEXA BUSCH (Understudy Athena/Shelby) Big Rapids, MI; Sophomore, BFA Acting & Digital Storytelling Double Major with a Minor in Creative Writing. This is Lexa’s third show here at MSU, previously appearing in Clue (Unexpected Cop) and Second Stage’s production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Schwartzy). Along with studying theater at MSU, she has spent summers with the Powerhouse Theatre at Vassar College and Interlochen Arts Camp. Lexa is excited to be working on this new production, and thanks her family, friends, and cat for all their support! 

JULIE CLAMPITT (Assistant Props Artisan) Charlotte, MI; Senior, BFA Apparel & Textile Design and BA Theatre. Past productions include B-Team (props designer and co-scenic designer) and MSU UnScripted 2022 (t-shirt designer). She is excited to be a presenter at NCUR 2024 (multimedia sculpture). She would like to thank Erin for being so awesome, and Anthony for his wit and wisdom.

KATHERINE CLEMONS (Athena) Greenville, SC; 3rd Year, MFA Acting Candidate, Katherine is a 2015 graduate of Ball State University. She was last seen on the MSU Stage as Linda Porter in Love, Linda: The Life of Mrs. Cole Porter. Some of her more notable roles include Tracey in Sweat (Michigan State University – 2023 Wilde Award Winner, Best Leading Actress in a Play, Drama), Diane in The Birds (Huron Playhouse), Baker’s Wife in Into the Woods (Nettle Creek Players), and Rhetta Cupp in Pump Boys and Dinettes (Myers Dinner Theatre). Thank you to Jacob, Avery, family, and CoHort for their love and support!

JACKSON COSME-BROOKS (Assistant Stage Manager) Holt, MI; 2nd Year, BFA Stage Management, Minor in Arts & Cultural Management; He/Him/His. Recent credits include Much Ado About Nothing (Assistant Stage Manager), Solace (Assistant Stage Manager), and Uncensored (Lighting Designer/Board Operator). Jackson is infinitely grateful for his partner, his cat Dipper, and the theatre world as a whole, for giving him the life and career he’s always dreamed of.

CHRISTOPHER EASTLAND (Peter) Whitney, TX: Third-year MFA Acting Candidate. MSU Theatre: An Iliad (The Poet), Clue (Wadsworth), Precious Winners All (ensemble), In Emily’s Words (Mr. Cormany), Hit the Wall (Cop), The Whirligig (Mr. Cormany), and A Contemporary…Marriage ©1959 (Narrator). SCT: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Theseus/Oberon), Schoolhouse Rock Live! (Tom), The One-Act Play that Goes Wrong (Robert), Distracted (Dad), Pippin (Charles). Other credits include Our Town (Sam Craig), The Drunken City (Eddie), The Madness of Lady Bright (Boy), A Christmas Carol (Fred), and WASP (Son). Love and thanks to Wendy, the pups, his mentors, and the cohort!

MONA ELDAHSHOURY (Francesca) Cairo, Egypt, Graduating MFA Acting. Mona was last seen on the stage of Summer Circle Theatre as Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Mona has also performed in MSU’s academic season as Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web, Andrea in For the Love of (or the Roller Derby Play), Madeline in Hit The Wall, Julie in Whirligig and Penelope in The Penelopiad. Shout out to Mona’s partner in crime, her cat Fish, her fam, friends, students, faculty and fellow funky Graduate Students!

STEFON FUNDERBURKE (Promise) Hermitage, Pennsylvania, Graduating MFA Acting. He created, directed and performed in the drag show Stefon’s Monsters and Other Strange Fantasies.They were seen as d’Eon in Monsieur d’Eon is a Woman, Brucie in Sweat and Mason in A Contemporary Guide to a Successful Marriage. Regional credits include The Magnolia Ballet (Z) Thunderbay Theater’s production of Macbeth (Macduff), Midnight Syndicate’s Conspiracy of Shadows at CedarPoint, and Tecumseh Outdoor Drama!(Thin Warrior)  See more of their work at stefonfunderburke.com

URAL GRANT (Andre) Memphis, TN; Third-year MFA Acting Candidate. Previously seen at Detroit Rep in Transfers (Clarence). Summer Circle 2022 in Distracted (Son) and The Play That Goes Wrong (Johnathan). Past productions at MSU DOT include Rocky Mountain High (Bork), Corktown (Reverend Johnson/Assistant Director), Hit the Wall (Carson), A Contemporary American’s Guide to a Successful Marriage (Jeremy).

KESSLER JONES (Scenic and Puppetry Designer) St. Petersburg, FL; Second-year MFA Design candidate in costumes and scenic. Recent credits include costume designs for Clue, Sweat, School House Rock Live! and A Midsummer Night’s Dream at MSU, and Ada and the Engine at Aquinas College. Recent scenic credits include asst. scenic design for Sense & Sensibility at LCC. See more of their work at KesslerJones.com.

KIM SEABRIGHT MARTIN (Shelby) Cleveland, OH; Third-year MFA Acting candidate. Past productions at MSU DOT include Much Ado About Nothing (Leonata), Charlotte’s Web (Old Sheep), Corktown (Ellen), The Impracticality of Modern-Day Mastodons (Delores), The Whirligig (Trish), and Wendy and the Neckbeards (Mama, KBQ). Previously seen at Summer Circle 2022 in Pippin (Berthe), Distracted (Mama), and The Play That Goes Wrong (Chris). Evermore thanks to her family, friends, mentors, and the MFA cohort.

BRANDON MCDUFF (Sound Design/Composer) Lansing, MI; First-year MFA Design candidate in sound and lighting. His most recent works include Much Ado About Nothing (Composer), A Doll’s House (Composer/Sound), The Wolves (Composer/Sound), and An Actor’s Carol (Composer). He is extremely excited to present his first design at Michigan State University and would like to thank his wife for her unwavering support.

ABBY MULLEN (Production Stage Manager) Dearborn, MI; Senior, BFA Stage Management. When not backstage you can find her working with MSU Football, She misses the ChopShop dearly. Recent Credits include The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Production Stage Manager), Bright Star (Assistant Stage Manager), and A Hatful of Rain (Stage Manager). Abby would like to thank Jackson and Kate for tackling this show alongside her. Her friends, roommates, and family for all their support. And finally, Tina, for always encouraging her to take a deep breath and not be so hard on herself… although we know *that* will never happen… @abby.mullen

Katherin “KAT” Poon (Costume Designer) Sacramento, CA, Junior, BFA Theatre Design, BA Psychology. Second Stage Productions President. Previous credits: Clue (Weapons SFX Design), The Rocky Horror Show (Co-Costume Design), Alabaster (Scar SFX Design), Bright Star (Asst. Costume Design). She is excited for her costume design debut on the MSU Mainstage! Many thank yous to Angie and the Costume Shop for making weird clothes, the OG KKP for her infinite wisdom, and the wonderful design team! 

OSCAR QUIROZ (Fred) Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Graduating MFA acting candidate. He has appeared in different MSU productions such as Much Ado About Nothing, A Hatful of Rain (Don Pedro), Hit the Wall (Tano),The Penelopiad (Odysseus); He has also collaborated with Summer Circle Theatre in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Lysander),Pippin (Lewis), The Play that Goes Wrong (Dennis), Distracted (Zavala), and White Rabbit, Red Rabbit. Oscar recently directed the world premiere production of Love is the Greater Labyrinth by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz for MSU´s Storefront Theatre. This production marks the end of my journey at MSU. I am grateful for the unconditional support and devotion of the acting faculty in our department and for my amazing cohort. IG: oscarquirozhn

ERIN RILEY (Props Artisan) Owosso, MI, Senior, BA Theatre, Arts & Cultural Management Minor. Past credits include Mina Loy (Props Artisan) at the Broad Museum, Corktown (Media Design) and  Hit the Wall (Assistant Director). They would like to thank the MSU Scene Shop for the opportunity for hands-on education in the nuts and bolts of scenic construction in a supportive and kind environment and Julie for her incredible work as assistant props artisan on this production. It would not have gotten done without her.

MELINA RODRIGUEZ (Assistant Scenic Design) Northville, MI; Junior, BFA Design/Tech with a focus in sound. Past productions include Clue (Sound Designer) and Brightstar (Assistant Sound Designer) at MSU, and The Rocky Horror Show (Sound Designer) at Second Stage Productions. They would like to thank Pietro for their endless support.

KATE SHAFFER (Assistant Stage Manager) Bloomfield Hills, MI; Sophomore, BFA Stage Management, BA Marketing. Some of her recent credits include Much Ado About Nothing (Assistant Stage Manager) at MSU, Live Nation (Production Assistant), and Young Playwright Festival (Stage Manager). She wants to thank her stage management team for always working together and helping each other out.

JACOB THEO SQUIRE (Sebastian) West Valley City, UT; Third year MFA Acting Candidate. Past MSU productions include Bright Star, Much Ado About Nothing, Monsieur d’Eon is a Woman, and Particle. He directed MSU’s production of A Hatful of Rain and The 39 Steps. He has done fight direction for various MSU shows as well as theatres in Utah, Montana, and Michigan. Jacob would like to send his gratitude to the directing team, designers, and the cohort. A very special shoutout to his wife and son for their constant love and support throughout this 3 year journey.

HOPE X. STILL (Charge Artist) Birmingham, MI; Junior. BFA Stage Management, Arts & Cultural Management Minor, and secondary focus in Scenic Painting. Some of Hope’s recent productions include Temporary (Production Stage Manager) at Hope Repertory Theatre, Clue (Assistant Stage Manager) and Bright Star (Scenic Artist) here at MSU. She would like to thank her parents and best friends for all their love and support. Website: Hopexstill.com’’

CASSIDY WILLIAMS (Primary Puppeteer) Eaton Rapids, MI; Junior, BFA Acting. This is Cassidy’s third performance here at MSU, having previously appeared in Much Ado About Nothing (DG understudy) and MSU professor Rob Roznowski’s debut of The STEAM Plays (Elliot, additional characters). Cassidy is honored and excited to participate in the debut performances of two original works this year. Many thanks to all of the people who have supported this production throughout this process.

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