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Associate Professor
Integrated Performance Media Design

Alison Dobbins is an Associate Professor of Integrated Performance Media design at Michigan State University. She is a media designer focused on integrating elements of dance, media, music, theatre, and computer science in performance.

She is the project director and creator of Theatre Engine: an interdisciplinary project focused on exploring audience engagement in dance through the use of mobile applications. Collaborators on this project are from MSU College of Engineering & Computer Science, Brigham Young University, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, Colby College, University of Oregon, and St. Olaf College.  She is a co-principle investigator on Dancing Computer; an interdisciplinary project focused on developing methods to teach dance and computer literacy to elementary school students. A partnership between the Department of Theatre, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, and the College of Education at Michigan State University.  Alison is the author of Projection Design for Theatre and Live Performance: Principles of Media Design (2021) available through Taylor & Francis Books.