A Message from the Chairperson: 

To slow the spread of COVID-19, Michigan State University has directed all departments to take steps to protect the health and safety of MSU students, faculty, staff, visitors and loved ones. With that in mind, MSU  Theatre  has made the necessary decision not to present  the originally scheduled productions  for 2020-21. Instead, we will  produce  multiple, small-scale experimental projects that will be presented in a variety of formats  throughout the  year. 
We understand that this may be  disappointing;  we have all put so much energy into the season and were  excited by the prospect of putting on these productions. During this period of change, we have the opportunity to veer away from our traditional  working processes to explore the ways in which we might produce creative work with novel techniques that protect our  safety but still allow us to work collaboratively to produce live experiences for audiences.  
Our goal with the experimental  projects  is to offer an opportunity to pivot our practices to  speak  to the importance of having conversations  about  the pressing issues  of the world around us related to  this unprecedented time.  We hope that our topics will include themes ranging from  the racial equality and social justice that is at the heart of the current anti-racist movement, to grassroots  political activism  surrounding the presidential election.  Our  artistic response to current events  will  bring life  to  contemporary  performances allowing  our community to engage  in public civic discourse through innovative and novel experiences.   
While the format of the season is unfamiliar, the  collaborative spirit we share as  students and faculty  in the processes of producing, directing, designing, performing, and event management  will be familiar. We will provide opportunities for our students  to  participate in this exciting  diversion from traditional practice  and for our audiences to experience our experimental season.  
Our mission includes a promise to challenge the traditional in order to create something new and to provide enhanced understanding of current issues through theatrical expression. A lot of challenges have been thrown our way in 2020, but we remain invested in our students education this semester and beyond.  

Stephen Di Benedetto, Ph.D. 

Professor & Chairperson 
Department of Theatre 
College of Arts & Letters 
Michigan State University 
542 Auditorium Rd. #117 
East Lansing, MI 48824 
Office: 517-355-6690 
Website:  https://theatre.msu.edu/stephen-di-benedetto/ 

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