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Spring 2018 auditions have already occurred.
Please join our email list (contact lampeamy@msu.edu to sign up)  and/or our digital call board (contact dwendelberger@gmail.com to sign up).


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All cast members please sign up at this link for measurements for costumes immediately. This large cast requires that the design process begin now.   



Sheriff Zach DeBrabander

Dean   Jeff Litten

Director Raied Jawhari

Secretary Shelby Dawson

Juliet Jamie Lien

Romeo Evan Phillips

Escalus Michael Temple

Paris Ryan Duda

Nurse Isabel Rodriguez

Props Jillian Shupbach

Backstage Crew Matt Bradford, Shane Bruno, Nate Davis, Maxie Froelicher, Marcos Stanajevic,

Mercutio Brandon Drap

Nurse's Mother Isabella Stenz

Lady Capulet Beth Hendrickson

Benvolio Peter James Florian

Tybalt Grant Cleaveland

Costumer Nancy Lu

Page Paige King

Apothecary Jonas Higbee

Rosaline Anna Ryzenga

Lady Montague Leah Bauer

Girls playing Guys Sam Carter, Kayla Katona, Shelby Romatz, Kaitlin Copenhaver, Sarah Kuch, Jala Jackson

Director's Wife Abigail Byrne

Stage Manager Michaela Peltz

Peter Jason Dernay

Gregory Marshall Ross

Friar Laurence Kyle Parsely

Assistant Director Camille Thomas

Reporter Ejiro Enajero

Student Body President Mack Marshall

Romeo’s Father Tino Gilmore

Juliet’s Mother Jenny Popovich

Deputies/Understudies will perform during the show.

Daina Alsabeh

Amber Anderson

Chaseton Cane

Jayna Carden

Caroline Mulvaney

Jiaho She

Kyle Whitehouse

Ceili Widmann


So looking forward to working with you all on this crazy project. All cast members please sign up at this link for measurements for costumes immediately. This large cast requires that the design process begin now.  



There were so many well-prepared auditions and so many possibilities for each role.

Remember to also audition for upcoming Second Stage productions this spring!  Thank you for your hard work.




Johnny: Jacob Covert

Tunny: Mel Vandenburg

Will: Evan Houdek

St Jimmy: Max Sanders

Whatshername: Janette Angelini

Heather: Shelby Antel

Extraordinary Girl: Molly Bennett

Alysha: Emma Callis

Theo: Trevor Earley

Joshua: DJ Shafer


The following roles will come out of the Ensemble:

(Gerard, Andrew, Declan, Chase, Ben, Brian, Miguel, Libby, Leslie)

Nicole Tini

Rachel Beck                                             

Ariel Fahey

Taylor Mueller

Teriah Fleming

Maddy Moylan

Lukas Jacob

Brian Andrus

Kevin Mazur

Eric Balamucki


Male Swing: Dan Laird

Female Swing: Carly Wilson


Thank you to everyone who auditioned! There were many possibilities for each role! 




HERMIA                                             Brooke Bastianelli

HELENA                                             Gabrielle Mack

TITANIA                                              Heather Mahoney

LYSANDER                                          Shane Bruno

DEMETRIUS                                         Sean McKeon

OBERON                                             Raied Jawhari

BOTTOM/EGEUS                                  Annabel Spencer

PUCK                                                  Jayna Carden

QUINCE/COBWEB                                 Lora Root

FLUTE/MUSTARDSEED                          Kyle Parsley


HERMIA/HELENA Understudy                 Elise Jorgenson     

TITANIA/BOTTOM/EGEUS Understudy     Heidi Kowynia

LYSANDER/DEMETRIOUS Understudy     Marshall Ross

OBERON/FLUTE/MUSTARDSEED Understudy    Chaseton Cane      

*all understudies are guaranteed one performance in the role of their choice


OH MY GOODNESS!  Thank you to ALL who auditioned!   You were SO prepared and made the final casting Quite the Task! 

Thanks Bunches!!!!     

 You will all need to contact Amy Lampe:  (lampeamy@msu.edu) in order to register for THR 494 for the course for next semester, Spring 2018.