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(Auditions for MSU students for Williamston will take place around Spring Semester auditions) 

AUDITIONS - Sunday, April 30,  5:00-10:00pm.


The Misanthrope

CLICK HERE to sign up for The Misanthrope audition

Auditions will take place in the Arena Theatre in the MSU Auditorium.

Three-minute slots per actor.

For the first round of Misanthrope auditions, please choose one of the monologues following the link below. It is not necessary to memorize this monologue. (If you prefer, you may present a comedic or dramatic classical monologue. If you choose your own material it should be memorized.)  

Misanthrope - Character Breakdown

Misanthrope Monologues for Auditions


The Great Gatsby & Theatre2Film4

CLICK HERE to sign up for the Great Gatsby and  Theatre2Film4

Studio Theatre

Please prepare a 90-second dramatic monologue.

Two-minute sign up per actor. 


ImaGEN musical: We Foxes by Ryan Scott Oliver

CLICK HERE to sign up for the ImaGEN musical Auditions.

Room 12

Please prepare a 32 bar song from a contemporary musical. 

Three-minute sign up per actor.  

We Foxes – Character Breakdown


We Foxes - SCORE

Link to Dropbox of We Foxes DEMOS

Link to We Foxes at 54 Below (scroll down to see)



CALLBACKS - Monday, 5/1 and Tuesday 5/2


Monday 5/1, - 5:30 - 10:00pm


ImaGEN: We Foxes – Room 12 callbacks.

(Callback material will be posted here after auditions have concluded.)       

EUGENE: "Scud" - Letter L to the End of the song

WILLA: "Sorrow Done" - Letter M to the End of the song    

CASTING INFORMATION AND VOCAL TYPES. There is a range of vocal/character types needed including both contemporary as well as golden age voices.            



ROOM 244 - callbacks (material provided.) 

Callback Sides for Misanthrope


Tuesday 5/2, - 5:30-10:00



ROOM 244 callbacks


Great Gatsby

Room 12 Callbacks 

Great Gatsby Call Back Sides