Theatre Institute

Workshops for High School Drama Teachers. 
August 16, 2018, 9am - 5pm
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

Cost: FREE

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Workshop Sessions – August 16th, 2018

Session: "32-bar cut" Myth-Buster: Selecting, Preparing, Executing the Perfect Audition Cut, David Wendelberger


This session will identify current industry trends in musical theatre auditions and how to help your students prepare for them. We will discuss the antiquated term of "32-bar cut" and aim to find its equivalent in today's musical theatre. Bring sheet music that you have questions about or would like to share for discussion.



Session: Creating Theatre for Neurodiverse Audiences, Dionne O'Dell

An overview of methods for creating theatre for neurodiverse audiences using examples and highlights from companies currently producing this work.




Session: Acting the Song, Alisa Hauser


Musical Theatre is an acting first medium. When singing in a musical, the acting and storytelling is equally if not more important than the vocals. This class will explore a proven approach to advancing the acting of your students' musical theatre songs.



Session: Speed-Rendering Scenic Designs, Lex van Blommestein,



Creating speedy scenic renderings for theatrical designs, programs, and publicity materials.




Session: Projections on a Budget, Alison Dobbins,



Explore cost-effective methods for including projections and media in your theatrical productions.